Banana Pudding Cookies

IMG_0329This sticker belongs on my car, although it hasn’t made it there yet. But my friend Rachel got it for me as a perfect birthday present, being that I’m a born and raised New Yorker living in North Carolina. I love that I feel like I belong on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. (Although yes, I’m more at home in the North. That may never change!)

One of the many new foods I was introduced to in North Carolina is banana pudding. I think that there are few desserts that are more southern than this delicious concoction of pudding, banana slices, Nilla wafers and whipped cream. I have never made actual banana pudding, but when I saw this recipe for banana pudding cookies on Two Peas & Their Pod, I couldn’t resist trying it out.

The ingredients in these cookies that make it banana pudding-esque are the banana pudding mix, the white chocolate chips, and the Nilla wafers. I decided to nix the Nilla wafers because I felt that they wouldn’t add much to the cookie other than creating more similarity¬†to actual banana pudding.

IMG_0327These cookies came out of the oven looking and smelling PERFECT. If you don’t like banana at all, these cookies are obviously not for you. But they don’t have an overwhelming taste or smell of banana, and the flavor melds well with the white chocolate. Texture-wise, these are light and airy while also being soft and chewy. I swear!

IMG_0328I mailed a dozen of these to NYC for a guy that I’ve been working with for over a year (I won’t bore you with details of my job) who has always been awesome about helping me out whenever I need it. So as of tomorrow, these cookies will probably have crossed the Mason-Dixon line on their way to my home state. How appropriate!

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