Passover Chocolate Chip Cookies


I have a love/hate relationship with Passover. On the one hand, seders are fun and involve delicious food. On the other hand, all my favorite foods are taboo for a week!

In the olden times (like when I was a kid), there was no such thing as a good Passover dessert, besides macaroons. Passover cakes and cookies were always dry and tasted weird. But that is no longer true, and these cookies, snagged from The Shiksa in the Kitchen, prove it!


They don’t taste exactly like a regular chocolate chip cookie, I admit. The texture is a bit different, and so is the taste, but nothing that’s unexpected when you’re working with matzah meal. The main ingredient in these is matzah cake meal, which is extremely fine matzah meal. I think that it’s the ingredient that mostly makes the cookies cookie-like (aside from the tons of butter and brown sugar), but it’s a pain! If you think flour and powdered sugar fly around when you start a mixer, it’s nothing compared to how much matzah cake flour created a light coating over everything near the stand mixer.

Guess how many of these cookies I made? I forget the exact final tally, but it was over 200! I brought them to the women’s seder at the synagogue, which my mom helps to run. I made more than enough for everyone there to have two, but I could have gotten away with half as many! I convinced multiple people to take at least a dozen each and I took at least two dozen back home.

Anybody want some? (Please?)


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