Flour-less Chocolate Cupcakes


Have I mentioned how much I love my Martha Stewart cupcake book? This chocolate cupcake is not specifically a Passover dessert, but it only has four ingredients! Sugar, chocolate, eggs and butter are all kosher for Passover, so it was a go for the seder at my parents’ house.

I made this recipe for the first time last Passover, for the seder at my husband’s grandma’s house. I made them again this year because I remembered them being delicious, but I think they came out even better this year! I think it’s because I’ve vastly improved my baking skills in the last year. I got the egg whites whipped pretty perfectly!

The cupcakes are insanely chocolatey, which of course is great, and putting some vanilla ice cream on it makes it even better! I also had some homemade whipped cream left over from a yet-to-be-revealed project, so I brought that to my parents’ house also.

The “artful” pic is courtesy of my dad, Isn’t it beautiful?


Mine isn’t quite as beautiful, but you can see the chocolatey-ness of the center of the cupcake! Everyone said how delicious they were, so my wonderful(ly nosy) mom handed out more than one of my new business cards.

Official Dessertaholics menu coming soon!

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