Vegan, Gluten-Free Cookies

I am guilty of the sin of not having any pictures of these cookies. In my defense, my grandmother wouldn’t let anyone touch them.

I’ll back up a little. Recently, my mom and I went and spent a week with my grandmother (her mother) in Arizona. She has existed on no white flour, no sugar, no red meat and no dairy for at least a decade now. So of course, she wouldn’t touch most of what I make with a ten foot pole. So of course, I had to find a recipe that she would eat.

I find that most healthier desserts have a banana base, and this is no exception, along with oats instead of flour. The original recipe also called for peanut butter and vegan chocolate chips, but I used almond butter because Grandmother thinks that peanut butter is disgusting, and carob chips because what the heck are vegan chocolate chips? I didn’t see those in the store!

I made the first ever batch of these cookies at Grandmother’s house the second day we were there. I had my fingers crossed that she would like them, because I found the recipe for her. Everyone deserves cookies, even if they don’t eat sugar!

Well, I shouldn’t have been worried. She loved the cookies so much that she had me make another batch before I went home, and she had me write down the recipe for her BFF Paulette so she could make them. Grandmother insists that she no longer cooks or bakes because she doesn’t have to, but I don’t blame her! When I’m 76, I’m going to say the same thing.

Another night, I made a regular chocolate cake with vanilla icing for myself, my mom, my uncle and Paulette. I got my usual amount of praise from that, but I don’t think anyone has ever liked something I’ve baked as much as Grandmother loved these flour-free, sugar-free, dairy-free cookies. Mission accomplished!

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