Cinnamon Chip Muffins

IMG_0708When I was a kid, my family got bagels almost every Sunday. Sometimes, muffins were picked up from the bagel store as well, and my favorite was a cinnamon coffee cake muffin.

Unfortunately, these did not measure up to those bagel store muffins, but they’re pretty darn good anyway. I have been searching for cinnamon chips for months without any luck. I forget what we were talking about, but I mentioned to my husband about a week ago that I wished I could find cinnamon chips. He was confused, because he had just seen cinnamon chips at Harris Teeter.

Not that I doubted him, but I had to see this. When we got to the grocery store, I was thrilled to find that not only were there cinnamon chips, but they were on sale! I was very excited, because that meant I could finally make cinnamon chip muffins.

In addition to my regular full-time job, I sometimes moonlight as a radio news anchor on WPTF, 680am. On weekends during the winter holidays I find myself at the station relatively often, covering for people who are on vacation. While working last Saturday, I mentioned to the guy who does a news show Saturday mornings that I’m trying to get my baking business going. He asked if I wanted to be on the show!

I decided that the cinnamon chip muffins were the perfect thing to bring to talk about on air, since the show was at 6:30am. The mini interview (about 10 minutes) went well, and the muffins got rave reviews!

I’m guessing that not many people heard me talking about Dessertaholics, but I did get my favorite compliment so far.

The News and Observer is the Raleigh newspaper, and the food critic is a cool guy named Greg Cox. On Saturday mornings, Greg does a show on WPTF called “Dining Out,” where he talks food with Dave Richmond, the same guy who did the news show with me a few hours earlier. Dave is awesome, and made sure that Greg got a muffin.

I went over to see how he liked it, and he said that he had taken a bite just to be polite, but then he ate the whole thing because it was so good! This would have been a great comment from anyone, but especially from a food critic.

What should I bake next?

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