Apple Bundt Cake

IMG_0660I got a bundt pan for Chanukah! It’s the Nordicware Anniversary bundt pan, recommended by the Baked guys (of course).

I wanted to make a bundt cake from the “Baked Occasions” book, but I also had to play to my audience for the particular occasion, which was Christmas. As someone else was bringing a chocolate dessert, that knocked out the particular bundt recipe I had in mind. So I went searching, and found the perfect recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction – Glazed Apple Bundt Cake.

Not only was it a flavor that everyone would love, but I still have some apples left from apple picking in October! So this cake was baked completely from scratch, including self-picked apples.

IMG_0656Dry ingredients were mixed together first. I love how cinnamon makes a flour mixture look speckled, almost like vanilla bean ice cream!

IMG_0657Then the wet ingredients. This is definitely the most amount of oil I’ve ever used in a recipe, and I was a little nervous about it, but the sugar did a great job soaking it up.

IMG_0658Wet ingredients whisked into the dry!

IMG_0659Add the apples, and poured into the pan. The batter was heavy! I had to elicit help from the husband. I also realized after pouring it in that I had forgotten about the chopped pecans I wanted to add, so I just dumped them on top and slightly mixed them in. So all the nuts were on the bottom, but they were in there!

IMG_0660It came out perfectly! I officially love this pan and want to use it for every cake.


I made the cake on the 24th, but did the brown sugar glaze on the 25th at my in-laws’ house. You really can’t go wrong with brown sugar, butter and heavy cream. The recipe made way more than what was needed for the cake! I put out the extra glaze with the cake in case anyone wanted more on their slice.

IMG_0663Here’s an interior shot! You can see all the nuts on the bottom… oops! Nobody complained.

This was an excellent first bundt, so thanks as always for the delicious recipe, Sally! I can’t wait to make another one.

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and happy almost 2015!

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