Funfetti Cheesecake Hamantaschen

IMG_0940 I love sprinkles. In fact, sprinkles and I have had an extensive love affair over the years. I have college memories of dumping spoonfuls of sprinkles on top of my ice cream and yogurt. The sprinkle yogurts that you can buy in the grocery store don’t come with anywhere near enough sprinkles for me. Something else I love is Purim! For a full history lesson on Purim, check out, but basically, it’s another Jewish holiday where the Jews were almost massacred, they weren’t, so we eat. The food that we eat on Purim are called hamantaschen, which is a Yiddish word meaning “Haman’s pockets.” (Haman is the bad guy in the Purim story, in case you didn’t click the link above!) We should probably eat food that commemorates Esther or Mordecai (the heroes of the story), but who am I to mess with tradition? Well, I messed with tradition a little bit. Traditionally, hamantaschen are filled with poppy seeds or jelly. As kids, my sisters and I filled ours with chocolate chips. When I saw a recipe for Funfetti Cheesecake Hamantaschen on the Kosher in the Kitch blog, I knew I had to make it. IMG_0933

Few things are prettier than dough or batter with sprinkles in it!


I used a glass to cut out perfect rainbow-sprinkled circles.


Not pictured – mixing up the cream cheese filling. I then dropped dollops of it into the center of each circle.

Can you believe I JUST realized that I didn’t take a picture of the formed hamantaschen before baking? Oops!


I ran out of filling before I ran out of dough, so I used some butterscotch chips, which is one of my favorite fillings.


All baked! The recipe says to bake 12-15 minutes, and I prefer my cookies on the softer side, so I thought they were perfect after 13 minutes. I let them sit on the pan for a few minutes to cool before moving them to the rack.


Yummy AND pretty! If you’d like to hire me to bake Purim treats for you or your loved ones, leave a comment! Actually, leave a comment anyway 🙂



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