Funfetti Cake

20140706-095651-35811331.jpgNothing says birthday like Funfetti cake, so when I spotted this recipe for homemade Funfetti, I knew I had to make it for my father-in-law’s birthday.

Actually, I first made it to take to my office. But I made it with different icing (chocolate) and forgot to take pictures. So I’m going to talk about this version!

Funfetti is a very easy thing to pull off. All you have to do is add sprinkles to the mixture before pouring it into the cake pan! But this wasn’t just any yellow cake.

It looks like hardly anything, because it’s just one layer. Trust me though, the one layer is all you need! This cake is deliciously dense, while still being soft and moist. I think it’s the yogurt or sour cream (I used sour cream) that really makes this cake.

20140706-095653-35813102.jpgAs you can see, it makes the perfect birthday cake! I think the lit candles nicely highlight the decorative sprinkles. I am of the opinion that you can never have too many sprinkles.

Oh, and the recipe for this cake is ridiculously easy, making it that much more tempting to make all the time! My idea of a perfect recipe involves mixing all ingredients together in one bowl without the use of a mixer, and this cake ALMOST succeeds at this. I’ll take it! Plus, look how pretty it is.

20140706-095655-35815073.jpgOh, and the icing for this cake is divine as well! It also makes a ton. I had some left over after putting on this thick layer! I’d make this again in a minute.

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