Oopsy Daisy Cake

Remember my obsession with Baked? Well, it’s ongoing. I take every opportunity to make something from one of their books! This cake, unlike the Devil’s Food Cake, is a complete Baked recipe!

So for my husband’s birthday, I told him he could pick any cake he wanted… from a Baked book. My husband and I have been married for one year and together for four, and I had never before made him a birthday cake! Every year, different circumstances have prevented this from happening. This year, I was determined to make something amazing, and that meant a Baked cake.

According to the book, Oopsy Daisy Cake got its name from a baker who accidentally put milk chocolate in the chocolate cake instead of dark chocolate. I know dark chocolate is “better for you,” but I just love milk chocolate. And then, to mix milk chocolate with peanut butter is pretty much heaven.

This milk chocolate cake actually has three parts to it – the cake, the peanut butter filling, and vanilla peanut butter icing. I was originally going to make the cake one night and the filling and icing the next night, but I ended up doing it all at once. While the cake was cooling, I made the filling. Then I put the filling aside and made the icing, which incorporates some of the filling.

Putting it together was where I ran into a problem. I have learned my lesson – never try to lift and stack cakes without refrigerating them for a while first! Although I elicited help from the birthday boy, the top layer broke. Frosting saved it, but it’s certainly not my prettiest cake!

IMG_0240However, it did look pretty sliced! If you look closely, there’s a thin layer of frosting on top of the filling. I can’t say if that made a difference in taste, but it looked cool!

The cake was enjoyed on three separate occasions – Keith’s actual birthday, which was a Friday, dinner at my in-law’s house on Sunday and a second birthday celebration with my parents on Monday. So unfortunately for Keith’s coworkers, there were no leftovers this time!

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