New York Part Three

We have now come to the final post about my food-heavy trip to New York!

Laura and I have been friends since college, where we baked many things together. In the summer of 2006, we made a cake that neither of us have ever forgotten – the cannoli cake.

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New York – Part One

After an unintentional three-year hiatus from spending any significant time in NYC, husband and I had an adventurous Memorial Day weekend in which we spent one day in Orange County, half a day in Westchester County and 2.5 days in the city.

We ate such an incredible amount of food during that time that I have decided to split it into three separate blog posts, because otherwise it would be far too long. This is part one – the dessert tour.

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Inside Out Chocolate Chip Cookies


Long time, no write! Not long time no bake, though. I was having some website issues but they have been solved (for now).

The first thing I made after the Passover cupcakes was a recipe partially of my own creation, but I have dubbed them Version 1, so I’m not sharing them yet. However, Version 1 did land me my second paying job! I’m going to make Version 2 before the for-pay cupcakes need to be done, so we’ll see if the payee likes my improvements.

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Passover Chocolate Chip Cookies


I have a love/hate relationship with Passover. On the one hand, seders are fun and involve delicious food. On the other hand, all my favorite foods are taboo for a week!

In the olden times (like when I was a kid), there was no such thing as a good Passover dessert, besides macaroons. Passover cakes and cookies were always dry and tasted weird. But that is no longer true, and these cookies, snagged from The Shiksa in the Kitchen, prove it!

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20140401-211129.jpg Ah, the snickerdoodle. Simple, yet so delicious. Who doesn’t love them? My sisters and I made them all the time as kids, but I hadn’t made them in years. Then I found this recipe.

The only thing that could make snickerdoodles better is to make them soft and chewy! Oh man, did this recipe deliver. The dough was super thick so I had a tiny bit at the bottom of the stand mixer that didn’t get incorporated, but I got about 2 dozen good-size cookies.

One of the secrets to these, of course, is under-baking. It took exactly 11 minutes for these babies to be perfect! I took them to my office today and they disappeared. I wonder how many batches of these I have to bring in to get a raise?